A Virus Named Tom(Vpk)

With a title like A Virus Named Tom, you’d be right to wonder just what kind of game you’re getting yourself into here – but don’t fret. Apart from being perfectly safe to install, A Virus Named Tom presents plenty of entertaining and silly backstory to keep things interesting. Moreover, its clever take on puzzle gameplay is likely something you’ve never encountered; a bizarre, yet compelling hybrid of Pac-Man and a sort of rotational connect-the-dots exercise.Confused? Okay, here’s how it works: you play as the titular virus set loose in the engineering database of a large corporation with the mission of infecting their devices and causing them to malfunction. You do this not because you’re evil, but because the mad scientist who invented you is seeking revenge after being recently fired for his increasingly insane inventions. Your goal is to connect a series of interlocking pieces to one or more hubs by rotating them to form an unbroken chain. At first this is ludicrously easy, and you’re essentially only battling the clock to get a higher score or finish before time runs out and you lose. But things get increasingly difficult as the corporation discovers you and implements a series of more and more stubborn challenges to impede your quest.


Release Date : February 14, 2012
Genre : Action
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Gameloft
Region : USA
IGN Rating : 5.5 (Mediocre)
Platform(s) : PSVITA
Mode(s) : Single-player
Minimum firmware : 3.60
Title ID : PCSB00041
File Type : VPK
VPK Size : 550 MB
Rar Size : 542 MB
Rar Password : madloader.com

Place the .VPK file on your VITA Memory card (ux0) and install using the molecularShell or VitaShell .







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